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Note that this board or, better this bulletin board is powered by phpBB, where BB stands for "Bulletin Board". It is therefore extremely important that key messages are not drowning in spam, and unnecessary comments. We have a specific sub-forum for General Discussion. The electronic bulletin board that is the intention of this site will therefore be strictly moderated. Forums sometimes develope into a sort of "blogged chat". It is not the purpose of this forum. It is primarily intended as an electronic internet-based bulletin board with important messages related to fashion, modelling etc.

Therefore, new threads and posts have to be approved by a moderator or the site administrators. Spam bots or human spammers have a typical behavioral pattern. They sign up, leave a junk (spam) post and disappears and never returns to the forum. To fliter away these unwanted posts and spam, we have decided that it is best to approve posts. Such a simple movement will probably remove nearly 90% of spam. The Forum was created May 26, 2011, so therefore it takes time before you can post without approval. So would you like to post here, be the first to sign up. If you only register, but do not confirm it sent via electronic mail, there is a strong indication of a spam bot and you will be deleted from our database. Thus, you must enter all the keystrokes again if you want to register and wait for the opportunity to post messages.

In general Norwegian law rules on this message board or forum. If we believe that you act in ways we do not tolerate, you will first receive a warning. In serious cases, you will be deleted without notice. After repeated warnings, you risk being thrown out and get your IP blocked. If you come via a proxy server, its Ip may be blocked.

We have limited time to spend on this forum, so do not wait too much patience on our part with unwanted posts and / or behavior. All items belongs tp as long as this forum exists.

So with rights comes responsibilities, in other words, your responsibility to use ordinary common sense when posting.

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